Opening Credits

Campaign title

Victorias' horror

Adventure title

The case of the crime of the accountant


AKA players

  • The artist
  • Someone with too much time to spare
  • The detective

Supporting cast

  • Catherine Mansfield: High class lady in search of her long lost sister

Key locations

  • Carlton's club: where the protagonists knew each other
  • Scotland Yard: where they'd find fellow investigators or the may be considered as plain anoying gossips
  • Bridge Road: where it all begins

Recurring cast

Friends to know, fiends to meet.

Episode title

Death in the smog.

Guest stars


London, 1884, God bless Queen Victoria and her empire, all over the world and Mars and Venus!

God bless Pax Britannica and its seelie faerie king Auberon for freeing New Europe from Prussia's claws and its unseelie faerie forces!

Nothing more to mention at the newspapers until that, between advertisements of home-goblin cleaners and steam-powered toys, we see a quite unimportant new:
David Rinehart got killed at The Borough district of London. Just in the very same place that, twelve years ago, the "crime of the accountant" was commited.

Such a small new, a poor soul loss that will change some lives forever.

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