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<GM> Welcome to the game everyone. I hope you all have fun!
<Daniel> Thanks! I'm looking forward to playing with everyone :)
<Lucy> Yes, thanks GM! I am also looking forward to playing. This is the first time I've played ADnD, I usually prefer sci-fi.
<James> Hey everyone! Happy gaming. Welcome to the ADnD fold Lucy. I like sci-fi too, but you can't beat a classic fantasy romp now and then :)
<Sarah> Sorry everybody for being late. I had some real life stuff to attend to. Also looking fwd to playing and hello to everybody :)

The Realm of Thelinor - Act I - A Merry Band

Ragdorak pushes open the door to the provisions store and steps inside, followed by Spinglass the elf, Jetfra the halfling and Sigmund the paladin.

A rotund individual dressed in typical store-keeper garb approaches the group and grins a wide peddler's grin. "Greetin's to my store travellin' friends. What can I be helpin' you with on this fine and sunny morning? Some ale perhaps, to tide you over on those long adventures? Or maybe you're partial to some of this fresh bread, baked just this morning. I've also got sweet and salted meats, fruits, veg, and lots of pickled stuff. If it fits in a jar, I can pickle it, that's what folk always say about me." The store keeper pokes his thumbs into the waistband of his breeches and sways proudly on the balls of his feet. His grin seems to be painted firmly upon his face.


Ragdorak scratches his head as he inspects the storekeeper and his various wares. "What a fine shop you have," he smiles back, ever the courteous mage. "I don't suppose you sell clothing do you? I'm looking for a decent pair of leather gauntlets. Something that'll keep my hands dry in the rain and warm in the snow."

<response storekeeper?>



Sigmund joins Ragdorak at his side and towers over the seller. He knows men like this well enough. They would use Ragdorak's charming naivety against him to sell all manner of tat. Aha! May Sigmund's impressive presence kowtow this particular con-man from attempting such a thing. Just to emphasise his point, Sigmund rests his hand on the hilt of his sword and gives the seller a look that says 'don't try any funny stuff lad.' He actually says, "and I seek an under vest of some kind. Cold climes are our intention and warmth is my need. But think not to overprice, small seller, or you will taste justice in the form of cold, hard steel."

<response storekeeper?>



As Ragdorak chats with the toadying seller, Jetfra takes a look around the store for any signs of hidden hatches in the floor or other doorways. She hasn't forgotten what Jenda told her about being on her guard. You never knew.

<response GM>



Spinglass doesn't like the darkness of the shop or the closeness of the walls. All these human artifacts and trinkets also make him feel uncomfortable. The city is oppressive enough, and yet each new place they visit is more cramped than the last. This place is a vast honeycomb of little stone rooms inhabited by strange human types like this peddler.

The elf watches as Jetfra inspects the place. If there are any arrows for sale then he'll give them the once over for quality and price (if he likes the quality and the price is under 3gp each then he'll buy 10), but otherwise he's hanging back by the door where he can make a quick exit if the need to do so becomes too strong.

<response GM>


Act I - A Merry Band - CATASTROPHE

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Sarah put Sigmund's action just below Ragdorak's just to make both characters actions' happen in the same time.

Further information at Quest rules page 26.

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