Email Example 3


This is first gaming email from Lucy's PC (Jetfra)


From: moc.psignitsoh|2reyalp#moc.psignitsoh|2reyalp
To: player1; GM; player3; player4;
Cc: lurker1; lurker2; lurker 3

Subject Heading: The Realm of Thelinor - Act I - A Merry Band

Body Text:

OOC Matters

<GM> Welcome to the game everyone. I hope you all have fun!
<Daniel> Thanks! I'm looking forward to playing with everyone :)
<Lucy> Yes, thanks GM! I am also looking forward to playing. This is the first time I've played ADnD, I usually prefer sci-fi.

IC Matters
<GM> The party enters into the store
<Daniel> Randorak will just ask for some armor
<Lucy> Jetfra will take a look around the store

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